CR policy

CPH’s CR policy sets the framework for our efforts to operate and develop CPH responsibly.

1. Aim of the CR policy

CPH’s CR strategy is configured within the framework of the CR policy, with the aim of supporting CPH’s World Class Hub business strategy.

CPH’s CR work aims to deliver on the World Class Hub strategy in a responsible manner, thus helping to maintain and further strengthen CPH’s position as the preferred hub of Northern Europe.

As an important national transport hub and a large Danish company, CPH’s ambition is to live up to our responsibility to passengers, employees, business partners, stakeholders, co-owners and the society in which we operate, and this is why we integrate CR in our business strategy and day-to-day operations. We want to promote responsible operation and development among our many business partners at the airport, and we seek responsible solutions through dialogue and partnerships.

2. Internationally recognised standards

The CR policy guides CPH in handling the obligations imposed by legislation and internationally recognised standards. In 2011, CPH became a signatory to the UN Global Compact, which sets out principles and goals for CR work within the areas of human rights, labour rights, environment and anticorruption. CPH undertakes to continue to work actively to integrate these principles in the company’s business strategy, day-to-day operations and corporate culture. In addition, the UN’s Guiding Principles guide us in fulfilling CPH’s responsibilities regarding human rights. In 2017, as part of updating our CR strategy, we also began clarifying which of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets we can say we are working with and which goals it makes sense to work more with in the future.

3. Target group

The target group for the CR policy is all CPH employees. Responsibility for fulfilment of the CR strategy follows the general management responsibility at CPH, which is why CPH’s managers have a particular responsibility to be familiar with and integrate the concrete CR targets in their business-strategic work.

4. CR policy

We want to ensure sustainable and responsible development of CPH’s business and – together with authorities, business partners, employees and local residents – run a responsible business with societal interests in focus.

CPH is aware that it is not only possible but necessary to focus on CPH taking responsibility for its role as an important element of Denmark’s infrastructure. Social, environmental and ethical considerations are therefore integrated in our strategic work and day-to-day operations. By ensuring sustainable and responsible development of its business, CPH also seeks to attract and strengthen its cooperation with customers, suppliers, investors and stakeholders as well as attracting and retaining employees.

5. CR strategy

Our ambitious World Class Hub growth strategy shall ensure that Copenhagen Airport remains the preferred hub of Northern Europe. Our CR strategy shall ensure that we achieve these goals – in a responsible way.

Our ambition is to deliver sustainable solutions and promote sustainable behaviour; to safeguard and promote respect; to challenge stereotypes and prejudices; and to act responsibly via active engagement and dialogue with relevant stakeholders.

In autumn 2012, CPH adopted a CR strategy with more challenging targets; this strategy was updated in autumn 2017. The targets in the strategy are operational, facilitate ongoing development and focus on the responsibility of the airport as a whole.

Responsibility as an airport, company and partner 
CPH has a responsibility to run and develop Copenhagen and Roskilde Airports sustainably and responsibly with respect for the environment, climate and the people who travel through or work at the airport or are otherwise impacted by CPH’s activities.

Our CR strategy focuses on CPH’s responsibility as an airport, company and business partner, and therefore sets targets both for the development of Copenhagen Airport’s competitiveness and position as the hub of Northern Europe and for handling CPH’s responsibility in relation to the environment and energy as well as the people who work at the airport, travel through it or are otherwise impacted by it.

As well as creating more responsible operations within our own frameworks, a general aim of our CR work is for CPH to take greater social responsibility. This means CR efforts extending beyond CPH’s own operations to focus on responsibility for business operations across the airport.

In many areas, it is only possible for CPH to achieve the desired results by engaging the stakeholders in and around the airport who can make a positive contribution. We are happy to lead the way, but we cannot do it alone.

Our CR strategy focuses on three main areas: People, Planet and Position, and our vision is as follows.

We are a dedicated team and a responsible and inclusive workplace that seeks to create joy of travel within a safe and secure framework. People are our main focal point, and we take pride in treating individuals with respect and hospitality.

We have a responsibility to protect our climate and environment, and responsibility is an integral part of our business. We work purposefully and innovatively every day to develop sustainable solutions so that we can also contribute to creating a good environment for future generations.

It is important for us to create value and growth for society, so we are investing responsibly and long term in international and national connectivity. We want to help strengthen the cohesion and development of local communities. We cannot do this on our own, but we are happy to take the lead in order to create shared benefits.

Read more about our CR ambitions, work and the individual targets in Looking back, moving forward, Group Annual Report 2017.

6. Reporting

CPH uses integrated reporting on developments within the individual CR areas in its Group Annual Report. CR data included in the Group Annual Report is subject to external auditing.

Responsibility for the annual reporting and ongoing external communication on CPH’s CR activities rests with CPH’s External Relations department.

7. Governance

CPH’s CR steering group evaluates the need to update the policy each year and follows up on the CR strategy on a biannual basis to ensure it continues to reflect and support CPH’s business strategy. Where changes to the policy or strategy are considered necessary, these are submitted to CPH’s Board of Directors, who make a final decision on any changes.

Twice a year, the steering group also evaluates the goals of the CR strategy and the need for new initiatives, which are then prioritised and adopted.

The Board’s Audit and Risk Management Committee (ARMC) reviews quarterly reporting of non-financial indicators covering Safety, Security, Environment and Health at CPH.

The relevant departments are responsible for ensuring compliance with the CR targets set in the CR strategy, and are supported in this by a CR team comprising representatives from CPH’s Planet, Energy, Finance and HR departments.