Copenhagen Airport's Policy for Data Ethics

Background and purpose

New digital and data possibilities are continuously and rapidly evolving. As part of a digital transformation, CPH wants to make extensive use of the current and future technological opportunities which can improve our products and services to customers, partners, and employees (hereafter referred to as CPH's stakeholders).

To ensure that we live up to our ambition to be a responsible company in the future also regarding data/digitization, we wish to continuously develop and integrate data ethics in our work with data. Data ethical considerations extends beyond compliance with the legislation which shall as a minimum always be complied with. A policy for data ethics must ensure the quality of what we do in addition to the legislation, and it must ensure that the data and digitization opportunities of the future are not just about what we can do, but about what we want to do to continuously act responsible.



Our policy for data ethics is based on 3 principles

1. Accountability: We wish to handle our data responsibly and to the benefit of our stakeholders.

2. Transparency: We wish to show transparency to our stakeholders on how we handle data.

3. Equality: Within our customer groups we wish to secure equal treatment, and that the use of algorithms etc. will ensure that no discrimination or unequal actions will take place.


Specification of the work with data ethics:

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, object detection and the use of algorithms

  • Machine learning, object detection, algorithms etc. are used to improve CPH to our stakeholders in operational, security and safety areas.
  • Today machine learning, algorithms etc. are used for capacity optimization.
  • AI/ML models and calculations must be explainable and understandable, and a natural person must take responsibility for decisions based on this.

Use of customer data

  • Customer data is only used in anonymised form to track patterns/trends. Personal data is only used where permission has been given for specific purposes.

Data sharing and sales

  • Operational data is shared with the relevant stakeholders at the airport such as the police, airlines, ground handlers etc. to ensure an overall satisfied customer experience and an efficient operation.
  • We share data to ensure a better customer experience and an efficient operation, and the data is not used for resale.
  • When we share data with organizations outside CPH, this is in an anonymised/aggregated form.

Use of employee data

  • When sharing employee data externally this is always done in an anonymised or encrypted form.
  • We have a transparency towards employees on how personal data is used.